Fishing on St. Barth

‘I fish most of the time with a handline. Sometimes you can catch tuna up to 60kg just by hand.’

A fishing trip is one of the finest days out you can have while visiting St. Barth. Yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo are all abundant in the deep waters further away from the coast, while lobster can be trapped closer to the shore.

Patrick Laplace fishing on St. Barth

If anyone knows about fishing on St. Barth, it’s Patrick Laplace. The son of a fisherman, his family have lived and fished on the island for seven generations. When not supplying local restaurants with fish caught that very day, Patrick takes visitors out on fishing excursions on his boat. A fierce believer in catching fish with a handline, Patrick teaches this traditional technique to his guests, and let you (quite literally) reap the rewards.